We are Sustainable

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 In Southern Peru Explorers we have a strong commitment to social development and environment preservation»

Our Commitment

We believe that tourism can use local resources and the workforce positively and sustainably. That is why we intentionally seek to employ and fairly pay people from Andean communities, who have been excluded from Peru’s economic system. We know that our expeditions can serve as a platform to educate our guests on Peru’s rich culture and history as well as it’s environmental and social issues. And so, we invite you to respectfully partake in an authentic experience with us and to see and understand a bit more about what makes Peru so special

During the low season, Southern Peru Explorers organizes and participates in additional projects, such as cleaning the Inca and Salkantay trails, to ensure that, we, as a collective, are leaving the trails in a better condition than how we found them. Southern Peru Explorers also organizes an annual donation drive to collect brand new toys and clothes to bring to a chosen Andean community during the holiday season.







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